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At Webnatics, we adopt smart & robust technology to deliver effective search engine marketing(SEM) and digital marketing solutions to measure and maximize your ROI.

Customer found your business online and click onto your website

Customer makes a phone / online enquiry

Online and call inquiries generated tracked with calls being recorded

24/7 access to detailed reporting

Conversion based optimization to drive focus and budget to what is working to drive more ROI

Robust reporting portal enables you to track every lead from your campaign which helps you determine what marketing is the most effective investment.

online enquiries, emails and phone calls tracking
Comprehensive Results Tracking

We track real conversions from your search engine marketing (SEM) & digital advertising campaign, like online enquiries, emails and phone calls – not just impressions, clicks and web visits. This allows you to measure the true value of your online campaign performance and ROI.

Our technology records every phone call generated by your campaign so you can play back your calls to audit and rate them. You can improve your customer service and sales conversion through the ability to hear how your calls are handled.

online and offline conversion tracking
Conversion Based Optimization

Our technology learns what drives more conversions and then optimize the campaign towards these conversions to earn you better results – this is what we call Conversion Based Optimization. But what it really means is more leads for your advertising budget and a higher ROI for your investment.

Our technology tracks every online and offline conversion, including phone calls, emails and web form submission. The technology records and learns what search engine/ digital platform, keywords, time of day etc that drive the most cost-effective conversion. Then it optimizes your campaign towards these conversion drivers for the best return on your investment.

24 hours 7 days a week access to sem and marketing campaign
24 x 7 Access To Detailed Reporting & Insights

Our platform delivers detailed reports & insights of your search engine marketing (SEM) & digital marketing campaign. You can review your reports, leads and campaign spending online at any time, empowering you with 24 by 7 access to the performance and ROI of your campaign.